Why you shall not Buy from IHerb to Egypt, and what is it’s best Alternative!

If you live in Egypt and want to buy supplements from the US from the iHerb store, you will face a lot of difficulties and will pay a lot of money, Why?!!

When your order from iHerb arrives in Egypt, the Egyptian Customs authority will seize it for inspection, and the Shipping company will contact you and ask for a copy of your national id to start the customs clearance process.

ِThe customs clearance process will take around 3 weeks then the shipping company will bring your order to you but with a big bad surprise, They will ask for customs, Tax, and clearance fees that may be 2X or 3X the order value.

If you refuse to pay, you will not receive your order and you will lose most money you paid for it on the iherb website, as reshipping it to iherb in the USA will cost you a lot.

I faced this problem my self and when I contacted iherb, they gave me this answer:

Thank you for choosing iHerb.com for your supplement needs.

We apologize if you were unaware that duties and taxes are charged by your country to import the products you ordered. We do our best to provide all the information regarding international shipping during checkout to avoid any confusion.

Unfortunately, iHerb.com does not have a way to provide specific duties and fee amounts. It is determined by Customs and the courier is simply the collector.

If you choose not to pay the fees incurred by Customs, the package will be rerouted back to iHerb.com and once the package is received, we will refund the order. The refund will be minus the shipping and return costs which are normally 80% of the order total. The reason the return shipping costs are so high is because of the return freight not being discounted, warehouse and storage fees. We would advise accepting your package, if you refuse the package you risk not receiving a refund based on our policy.

Please let us know if there is anything further we can assist you with.


The iHerb Team

iHerb Reply to my Email

So I paid the fees to the courier not to lose my order, as I need it, but I decide not to order any supplements from iHerb again.

So, order from who then?!!

The Best Place to Buy your Supplements from the US to Egypt

After a few years, I discovered this Great USA based Store for supplements, The ” My Supplement Store

The big difference between this store and iherb is that you can choose to pay customs and tax fees in advance on the website, so you will receive your order without paying any additional money.

When choosing to pay this fee in advance, you will know exactly how much your order will cost you, and the fees will be only around half or 2/3 of the order value not 2X or 3X as the orders coming from iHerb.

To choose this option, add your item to your shipping cart in my supplement store, then from shipping methods, choose (DHL Express Worldwide Duties & Taxes Included)

Save the ” My Supplement Store ” URL as a shortcut on your home page or on your bookmark to enter it easily whenever you need to buy Authenticated US supplement and ship it to Egypt.

Happy ordering 🙂 and have a nice day 😉

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