How to Order from iHerb in the UK (Video 2024) Step-by-Step Guide

You will learn now how to sign up and order from iHerb to get your needs for supplements and health & beauty products.

Also, you will learn important information that will save you a lot of money and time on the IHerb website.

This step-by-step guide is easy to follow, updated, and supported with screenshots. It will solve most of the problems you may encounter while ordering from IHerb.

Let’s get started.

Use the below table of content to navigate through the guide sections easily.

The steps to sign up and order from iHerb are as follows:

1. Enter the iHerb UK Website

Enter the IHerb United Kingdom website by clicking on the (UK flag) image.

Click here to enter iherb UK

2. Create a New Account on iHerb

First of all, you need to create a new account. These are the steps to create a new account on iHerb:

2.1 Open the IHerb Menu.

On the IHerb website, click on the (Menu icon) to open the iHerb menu.

02-Opening Iherb Menu_Mobile Screenshot_UK
Opening Iherb Menu

Remember where the IHerb menu is, as you’ll need it in some later steps.

2.2 Open the IHerb Sign-In Page

From the IHerb menu, click on the (Sign in) button to open the IHerb sign-in page.

3-Entering iherb Sign in Page to sign up_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Entering iherb Sign in Page

2.3 Open The (Create a New Account) Page

From the sign-in page, click on the (Create my Account) button to start creating a new account.

4-Clicking on Create My Account_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Clicking on Create My Account

2.4 Add your Personal Sign-up Info.

Fill IHerb sign-up fields with your information as follows:

5-Filling Data to create new account on iherb_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Filling Data to create new account on iherb
  1. Type your mobile number.
  2. Add your Email address.
  3. Type a Password.
  4. Read the IHerb terms of use and privacy policy, Then add a checkmark to its box if you agree to them.

After you finish, click on the (Create My Account) button.

2.5 Verify your Mobile Number.

IHerb will send you a message to your mobile phone containing a 6-digit verification code. Type it in the provided field, then click the (Submit) button.

6-Submitting verification code_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Submitting verification code

Good job, you’ve successfully created a new iHerb account.

3. Sign in to your IHerb Account

By creating an IHerb account, you have just signed in to iHerb automatically, but the next time you enter the website, you will need to sign in to your account manually.

These are the steps to sign in to your iHerb account:

3.1 Open the IHerb Sign-in Page.

From the IHerb menu, click on the (Sign In) button.

7-Entering iherb Sign in Page to sign in_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Entering iherb Sign in Page to sign in

3.2 Enter your IHerb Account’s Email and Password.

Fill in your sign-in info in each field as follows:

8-sign in on iherb_Mobile Screenshot_GB
sign in on iherb
  1. Enter the Email that you used to create your IHerb account.
  2. Type your IHerb account password.

After that, click on the (Sign In) button.

4. Add your Shipping & Billing Address

You shall enter your address info correctly to receive your order quickly, and to avoid returning it to IHerb again, which may cause you to lose money.

These are the steps to add your shipping address info to your account on IHerb:

4.1 Enter your IHerb Account Page

From the IHerb menu, click on the (My Account) button.

9-Entering your account on iherb_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Entering your account on iherb

4.2 Open your Address Book

Scroll down then click on the (shipping address) button to open your address book.

10-adding shipping address to your iherb account_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Adding shipping address to your iherb account

4.3 Add a New Address

Click on the (Add a New Address) button.

11-click on add a new address_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Click on add a new address

4.4 Fill in your Shipping Address Information.

Fill in your shipping address info in each field as follows:

12-filling your data in iherb address fields_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Filling your data in iherb address fields
  1. Add a checkmark to the (Billing Address) box, so you don’t need to add it separately.
  2. Make sure that Great Britain is selected.
  3. Type Your full name.
  4. Type your building number and street name.
  5. Add any additional helpful information related to your address, or leave it blank.
  6. Type your city name.
  7. Choose the name of your state.
  8. Enter your zip code (if you don’t know it, This link will help, or just type 0000).
  9. Type your mobile number.

After you finish adding all your shipping info, click on the (Save) button.

4.5 Select your Default Shipping Address

Click the (Make Default) button for your just-added shipping address.

13-make your address default_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Make your address default

Well done, you’ve finally finished creating and completing your account on iHerb. Now you can start searching and browsing products on iHerb.

5. Find Products on IHerb.

You can find products on iHerb through:

5.1 The IHerb Home Page

Open the IHerb home page by clicking on the (IHerb logo).

14-click on iherb logo to enter iherb home page_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Click on the iherb logo to enter the iherb home page

On the IHerb Home page, you will find the latest promotions, bestselling & trending products, and more.

5.2 The IHerb Menu

Open the IHerb menu, then click on the (Shop) button to find all the product categories.

15-use iherb menu to navigate iherb products by its categories_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Use the iherb menu to navigate iherb products by their categories

5.3 The IHerb Search Box

Type any product name in the IHerb search box to find it easily.

16-use iherb search to find a specific product or type of product_mobile screenshot_GB
Use iherb search to find a specific product or type of product

6. Fill your Shopping Cart

From the product page on IHerb, click on the (Add to cart) button to add it to your shopping cart.

17-add an iherb product to cart_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Add an iherb product to the cart

7. Enter your Shopping Cart

After you have added all the needed products, Open your shopping cart by clicking on its icon.

18-open iherb cart page_Mobile Screenshot_GB
open the iherb cart page

Review the products you added to your cart, modify their quantity, or delete any of them as needed.

19-remove or modify amount of products_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Remove or modify the amount of products

9. Choose the Shipping Courier

There are two shipping options on IHerb to England, and they are as follows:

  • DHL Express (Duties & Taxes included)
  • Hermes (Duties & Taxes included and Free shipping for orders over £32)

Each shipping courier has a different shipping cost and delivery time. You will find this info shown below each option on the shipping estimates page.

These are the steps to get the shipping estimates and choose your preferred shipping courier on IHerb:

9.1 Open IHerb Shipping Estimates Page

From your shopping cart page, scroll down to the (order summary) section, then click on the (shipping) button.

22-change iherb shipping courier_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Change iherb shipping courier

9.2 Enter your Zip/Postal code

Get shipping estimates for each courier by typing your Zip Code into the field provided, then clicking the (Calculate) button.

23-get shipping estimates by entering zip code_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Get shipping estimates by entering your zip code

9.3 Select your Preferred Shipping Option

Click on your preferred shipping option to select it, then click on the (back to cart) button.

24-choose the preferred shipping courier_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Choose the preferred shipping courier

For more information regarding shipping within the USA, please visit the official IHerb shipping information page.

10. Add your Payment Method

After selecting the shipping courier and clicking on the (back to cart) button, click on the (proceed to checkout) button to add your payment method.

25-Proceed to checkout_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Proceed to checkout

There are three different types of payment methods available on IHerb within the US, and they are as follows:

26-choose preferred payment method_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Choose the preferred payment method
  1. Payment card.
  2. Apple Pay.
  3. PayPal.

Select the payment type you prefer and provide the necessary info, then click the (continue) button.

If you choose to pay using your Card, click on the (add a new card) button, then fill in each field as follows:

27-Adding new bank card data_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Adding new bank card data
  1. This field will show the amount you need to pay.
  2. Type your 16-digit card number.
  3. Add your card Expiry date.
  4. Type the 3-digit security code (you can find it on the back of your card).
  5. Type your name as written on the card.
  6. Add a checkmark in the provided box to confirm that the billing address is the same as the shipping address.

Make sure that you have entered your card info correctly, Then click on the (continue) button.

11. Place your IHerb Order

After selecting your payment method and clicking the (Continue) button, the order summary page will appear.

Review your order info as follows:

28-Reviewing iherb order then finally placing it_Mobile Screenshot_GB
Reviewing iherb order then finally placing it
  1. Your Shipping address.
  2. Your shipping method.
  3. Chosen payment method.
  4. Your billing address.
  5. Chosen products.
  6. Mobile notification option.
  7. The discount you got.
  8. Your order total amount.

After reviewing all your order information and making sure that it is correct, click the (place order) button to submit it to iHerb.

Congratulation, you have just finished ordering from IHerb successfully

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