How to Cancel IHerb Order and get your Money Back in Ireland (2022)

You may need to cancel your IHerb order after you place it for whatever reason you have.

You could cancel your order only if it isn’t shipped yet.

Cancel IHerb order

Here are the steps to cancel your iherb order

1-Open iherb app or website from this link

open iherb app or website
Open iherb app or website

2-Click on the profile icon

02-click on profile icon
Click on the profile icon

3-Sign into your account

Sign into your account

4-Click on the details button of your order that appears at the top of your profile page

Press on the order details button

5-Press on the cancel button

Press on the cancel button
Press the cancel button

6-Choose the cancellation reason, then press on cancel order green button

Choose the cancellation reason
press on the cancel order green button to cancel your order
press on the cancel order green button to cancel your order

A message will appear to confirm the cancellation of your order

08-order cancelling confirmation message
Order canceling confirmation message

How to Get your Money Back after Cancelling IHerb Order

Get your Money Back after Cancelling your IHerb Order

Regarding the canceled order money, note that When you place the order, you will receive a message on your mobile phone saying that The order price has been deducted from your bank account or your credit card, but in fact, it is only reserved and still in your account.

When the order is shipped, The reserved amount will transfer from your bank account to the iHerb bank account, But if the order is canceled The order will not be shipped and therefore the money will remain in your account reserved.

Each bank has a certain time in which it releases the reserved amounts if the merchant does not withdraw them.

You shall contact your bank and ask it when will they release your money by telling them the date and the name of the merchant iHerb.

Be noted that you may not receive a message when they release your money Therefore you have to check your account periodically so that you know When it comes back.

If you need to contact IHerb customer service for any reason, please visit my post about How to contact IHerb customer service.

See how it is easy to cancel your order on iherb and get your money back

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