How to Get Free Shipping from IHerb in Ireland +10% Discount (2023)

IHerb provides free shipping to a lot of countries including Ireland.

Here are the conditions to get free shipping from IHerb in Ireland

  • Your order must be over 60€
  • You must select the DPD shipping option

To find its contact info, please visit the shipping info page on IHerb

How to Get Free Shipping in Ireland

Here are the steps for getting free shipping in Ireland from IHerb

Make sure first that you choose Ireland country on the iherb as I explained in this post then follow the steps bellow

Open the IHerb app or website from this link

Add the products you want to buy to your shopping cart, and make sure that they exceed 60€.

Open the shopping cart page by pressing on its icon

Choose the DPD shipping option from the shipping estimates section, and you will get a free shipping

Choose the DPD shipping option

If it is your first time buying from iherb, read my topic about How to order from iherb in Ireland

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