How to Contact IHerb Customer Service in New Zealand (2024)

You will learn now how to contact iherb customer service.

You may need to contact them if there is a problem with your order or to ask for any information you need.

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How to Contact IHerb Customer Service

These are the methods to contact iherb customer service which are

Contacting IHerb by Live Chat

Contacting IHerb by Live Chat
Contacting IHerb by Live Chat

To contact IHerb by chat, you need first to sign in to your account by clicking on your profile icon

Then click on the sign-in button

Provide your sign-in credential, then press the sign-in button

From the Quick Links section, make sure you choose the correct country and language in which you want to communicate with customer service

Then click on the customer service tab to open the contact page

Scroll down, then click on chat with a virtual assistant

A chat window will open

And a bot will guide you to help fix your problem

If you prefer to contact a human, type live chat, then click on live chat

Choose whether you have an order number or not and follow the instructions, then wait for a human to chat with you

Note that the live chat hours for your country are stated above the chat button on the contact page

The second method to contact iherb is by messages via email

Contacting IHerb by Email

Contacting IHerb by Email
Contacting IHerb by Email

To use this method, click on the write a message button on the contact page

Then enter your order number if your question is related to an order you have placed

And type the subject and message, then press on send message

You will receive their reply through a message to your email associated with your iHerb account

You can reply to their message from your email whenever you want, any number of times until they solve your problem completely

Contacting iHerb Customer Service by Phone

Unfortunately, there is no phone number for iherb customer service that customers can use to call them

I hope my tutorial helps you contact IHerb customer service in New Zealand.

Goodbye and take care

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  1. I live in NZ and have dual citizenship with the US so I always pay in American dollars. I have been a customer of yours for many years and have always appreciated the speed of your free shipping. Right now I am trying to place an order totalling less than $250 ($248) which has always qualified for free shipping. But now your site says that I will have to pay $31! Even if I reduce the value to about $150 shipping is still being charged. Your site still says that free shipping is available for orders between $60 to $250. Could you please explain why this is happening?
    I herb has been a lifesaver for me since the supplements I have ordered from you have really helped in controlling and almost eliminating metastatic breast cancer for which I have refused chemo and had only a small amount of oestrogen suppressing drugs.


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