How to Enter IHerb Sweden (2024)

IHerb is available in 16 languages and around 80 currencies, and it ships to more than 180 countries around the world.

Before you buy from IHerb you shall make sure that its setting is related to your country regarding the currency and language.

In this post, you will learn how to change the destination country in IHerb to Sweden and the currency to the Swedish krona

Click on this image to open the iHerb page with the Sweden settings ready

Click here to enter iherb USA
Click here to enter the IHerb Sweden

Continue reading to manually convert language and currency if the link does not work for you

Choose Sweden as your Shipping Destination and select the Swedish krona as Your preferred currency on IHerb.

Here are the steps for choosing a shipping destination, language, and currency that matches Sweden.

1-Open the IHerb app or website from this link

2-Press on the profile icon

3-From the quick links section, press on Language/Currency

4- Choose SE-Sweden from the country drop-down list, you will find the language and currency setting changed accordingly, then press the save button

Choose Sweden from the country

Congratulations, you just changed the country, language, and currency settings to match Sweden.

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