How to Track your IHerb Order (2024)(Video)

Tracking your order on iHerb can help it reach you quickly and without delay.

In some cases, it is difficult for the representative of the shipping company to reach you, which leads to non-delivery or delay.

If there is a problem that appears in the order tracking information, you will know it as soon as it occurs and will contact the shipping company to solve it immediately and get your order without any delay.

You will learn now how to track your order on IHerb

Track your IHerb Order

The tracking option will appear when IHerb ships your order

follow these steps to track your order

1-Press on the IHerb account icon

2-press on the sign-in, then provide your login info

3-Press on the orders tab that is below the quick link section

4-Press on the arrow that belongs to your last order to open its details page

5-Press on track shipment button

5-You will find the current status of your order updated in the current status section

Note that the tracking information is removed after the delivery of the order after a while, which is why there is no info appears for this order.

If you find any problem regarding your order, call the shipping company that ship your order, You can find the place that shows its name as shown in the carrier Information section

you will find its contact information on the shipping info page on IHerb

Tell them the tracking number of your order that appears as shown

Ask them to retry to deliver the shipment and provide them with any info they need.

as you can see tracking your IHerb order is very easy.

See you :)

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