IHerb USA Comprehensive Review (Video 2024)

One of the most essential questions about iHerb in the USA is what it is, where are its locations and stores, and where iHerb products are sold in the USA.

In this guide, you will find all the information about iHerb in the US

You will know what IHerb is, how to buy from it, the pros and cons, and the common mistakes new buyers make, so you can avoid them.

What is iHerb?

IHerb is a US-based company that sells health products and nutritional supplements to customers in the US and customers from around the world.

IHerb deals with thousands of brands in the US and provides tens of thousands of nutritional supplements and health and beauty products.

There are no physical stores for iHerb in the USA or any other country as they sell products online through their website or mobile application.

IHerb ships orders from its warehouses in America and some other countries to its customers in the US.

Therefore, if you want to buy from iHerb in the US, you must enter its official website or download its application on your mobile.

Click here to enter iherb USA

Set the iHerb Currency and Language settings for the USA

IHerb is available in 16 languages and around 80 currencies, and it ships to more than 180 countries around the world.

Before you buy from IHerb you should make sure that its setting is related to your country regarding the currency and language.

Here are the steps for choosing a shipping destination, language, and currency that matches the USA.

1-Open the IHerb app or website from this link

2-Press on the profile icon

3-From the quick links section, press on Language/Currency

4- Choose US-United States from the country drop-down list, you will find the language and currency setting changed accordingly.

5-Add your zip code then press on save button

How to Buy from IHerb USA

To buy from iHerb in the US, you must first create an account, add your shipping address and mobile, browse the products, add them to the shopping cart, and then pay and place the order.

I have explained in detail How to buy from IHerb easily step by step in this video

IHerb Products and Categories in the US

There are around 10 product categories in IHerb USA, which are:

Nutritional supplements

There are more than ten thousand nutritional supplement products on IHerb. It varies between vitamins, minerals, amino acids, mushrooms, protein, antioxidants, bee products, supplements for the health of the elderly, healthy of women, children, and men, and supplements for the health of bones, joints, cartilage, digestive system, hair, and skin. And nails, sleep-enhancing products, fish oil and omega-3 products, and more.

Grocery Products

Such as tea, coffee and their supplies, snacks, chocolate, sweets, herbs and spices, oils, vinegar, noodles, nut butter, seeds, grains, dried fruits and vegetables, honey, sweeteners, and other ingredients. Bread, flour, mixes, breakfast food, pasta, rice, soup and broth, sauces, drinks, nuts, and other various grocery products.

Bath and personal care products

Such as body, hair, mouth, and lip care products, which include shampoo, conditioner, gel, serum, lip balms, lotions, toothpaste, natural oils, essential oils, various types of soap, and deodorants, creams, sunscreens, hand sanitizers, and other personal care products.

Baby and baby products

These include nutrients, vitamins, nappies, toys, teething products, oral care, skin and hair care products, bathing products, baby supplies, and other baby and infant products.

Beauty Products

Which includes moisturizers, face creams, cosmetics, skin cleansing, and toning products, treatments and serums, facial masks and peels, make-up, brushes and accessories, and other various beauty products.

Herbal Extracts

Floral formulations, anti-stress, and homeopathic products

Sports Nutrition & Supplements

These include proteins, pre-workout energy products, post-workout recovery products, amino acids, muscle-building products, sports supplies, and other sports supplements.

Home Products

These include detergents, soaps, household items, home fragrances, and other household supplies.

Pet Products

These include pet supplements and food, pet grooming products, leather products, cleaners, and other pet supplies.

Gift Sets

Such as brushes, moisturizing, cleansing, oils, beauty, and other groups.

To browse all these categories, of iHerb USA, open the iHerb app or website, then click on the categories icon.
Choose the section or category you want.
All products related to the category you have chosen will appear.
You can choose a subcategory from the main category.
Defining the category accurately will help you reach the product you want easily.

Payment methods available on iHerb in the US

Here are the methods of payment available for US customers

Master Card
American Express
Discover Card
BC Global
UnionPay Credit Card

Visit my post about How to pay on iHerb for more info.

Shipping companies from iHerb in the US

There are three shipping options from iHerb in the USA which are:

  • Expedited Shipping
  • UPS Next Day 
  • PO Box or APO Address

For more information regarding the shipping cost and time for each company, read the shipping info guide for IHerb USA

Best iHerb products in America

The iHerb website contains a complete section of the top-selling products in the USA, Check it here

it provides the top 10 in each of the below categories:

  • Supplements
  • Herbs & Homeopathy
  • Bath & Personal Care
  • Beauty
  • Sports
  • Grocery
  • Baby & Kids
  • Pets
  • Home

Advantages of Buying from iHerb in the US

There are many advantages of iHerb, which are:

Their products are 100% genuine

They get their products directly from the manufacturers, At iHerb, every product they sell is stored and shipped exclusively by them.

These products are stored in multiple distribution centers in the USA and Asia, which are entirely climate-controlled, which protects the products from such conditions as humidity, heat, and cold, and all the distribution centers are super clean.

A large number of products

IHerb sells more than 30000 products from more than 1000 brand name

Custom store for each country

IHerb delivers health and wellness products to people around the world with 16 languages, 86 currencies, and 38 payment options based on each country, I have explained how to choose your country, language, and currency on iHerb in this video

Great offers and discounts

IHerb offers on their homepage many weekly offers on many sections, categories, and brand names.
They also provide a permanent and effective discount code that always saves you 10% on your first order and 5% on your next orders on most products eligible for discounts.

You can activate this code by clicking on this link.

Fast and Free Shipping

IHerb provides Fast, affordable shipping options to more than 180 countries and offers free shipping to about 35 countries around the world, these 35 countries also pay customs and taxes on the website and receive their order without paying any additional fees.

find out how to get free shipping from IHerb to your country and how to know if your country is eligible for it or not.

Reliable product information and reviews

IHerb provides millions of authentic reviews from customers who have ordered from iHerb. This assures honest and accurate reviews to help you make smarter buying choices.
Also, the IHerb website or app provides complete information about each product they sell, including its expiration date and weight.

Despite all these advantages of iHerb, there are some disadvantages to mention

Cons of Buying from iHerb

Here are some of the flaws in iHerb

  • Many popular products become out of stock quickly
  • The shipping companies in some countries don’t ship in an air-conditioned vehicle, and this causes the corruption of some products during shipping in a very hot climate, if you receive spoiled products, you can contact IHerb customer service as I explained in the video below, they will compensate you.
  • Unfortunately, iherb doesn’t provide a telephone number for customer service, the only method to contact them is via chat or contact form.
  • IHerb doesn’t have any physical store to buy from, the only way to get their products is to buy online via their website or mobile app
  • They don’t provide a cash-on-delivery option, you have to pay in advance while creating the order.

Important tips when ordering from iHerb in the USA

There are some points that you should pay attention to before you place an order from the iHerb US, which are:

Only choose products that are suitable for you.

for example, some people are allergic to some of the substances that can be found in some nutritional supplements and others like Muslims and Jews have a restriction on some of the substances used in the manufacturing of products like pork and alcohol derivatives, so make sure that you use the iherb filter to show only the products that suitable for you

Never buy products that can spoil with heat in the summer

As I mentioned previously, iHerb does not require shipping companies to use refrigerated vehicles, and therefore heat-sensitive products spoil during transportation at high temperatures.

Enter your Shipping address and mobile number correctly

some buyers have incorrectly or incompletely entered their address and phone number while placing an order on iHerb. Which causes a delay in receiving their order or failure to deliver it and return it to iHerb. Therefore, you have to enter your address and phone number correctly.

Track your IHerb order Regularly

some buyers do not regularly track their order to know where it is. Which may cause its delay or non-delivery and return to iHerb if there is a problem preventing the shipping company’s representative from reaching the buyer.

So you have to track your iherb order and contact the shipping company in case of any delay from the specified delivery time.

Review your order carefully before placing it

Some buyers cancel the order after placing it because they want to add or remove products. Then they complain about the delay in refunding the price of the canceled order Therefore, you have to make sure of all the items you put in your shopping cart before you place the order so that you do not have to cancel it and wait for the price to be refunded.
For more information on canceling an order from iHerb, watch the video below

I hope that you find my IHerb review useful and complete.

Where is iHerb located?

iHerb is a USA-based company headquartered in Moreno Valley, California, and operates as an online-only retailer. While its main base is in the United States, iHerb has established multiple warehouses around the world to efficiently deliver orders to customers globally.

Is iHerb a reputable company?

IHerb, founded in 1996, is a reputable online retailer specializing in health products like supplements and herbs. With a global customer base, it’s crucial to review user ratings, company policies, and independent reviews for informed decisions. Prioritize reliability, customer service, and product quality when choosing an online retailer.

Is iHerb approved by FDA?

iHerb follows FDA regulations and guidelines for the sale of health-related products, including dietary supplements. While the FDA does not explicitly endorse or approve retailers, iHerb complies with regulatory standards. For the latest information, it is recommended to check with iHerb directly or refer to official sources.

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